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Starting a New Business

starting-a-new-businessMany people have a great concept for a new business but then don’t know what the next step is, don’t know who to ask for advice, and give up before they have even started.

The first step is easy. You need to decide on the business type, whether that is sole trader, partnership (if there is more than one owner of the business), company (being able to sell shares in the company later) or trust (for asset protection). It’s best to obtain some advice from your accountant or financial adviser about which option is best suited to your needs, because this is in no way a “join the dots” exercise.

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Our Mission

To ensure the sustainability and success of small business by providing much more than just a bookkeeping/accountancy service.

With a focus on supporting strong business development on a foundation of sound financial management, we present ourselves as a powerful resource for any business who chooses us as their provider.