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Balancing Work and Life

balancing-work-and-lifeMany business owners struggle with the work life balancing act. Some look at others and think that they don’t have it right, and at others with envy because it seems that they have their cake and eat it too.

Work life balance is a choice of what you as the business owner want it to be.

I believe that to have a good work life balance it is good to get rid of the busy-ness in your business and work smarter not harder by becoming super efficient. Here are some of my tips:

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Business Planning

business planningMany new entrepreneurs are required to prepare a business plan – mainly for the bank to secure funding for their new venture. When they then ask other successful business owners for advice on this they might be told that it’s a waste of time or they have never used or prepared it and they probably don’t need it. This may be true for some but there might be very good reasons for their success – they are very clear and determined about their goals and outcome, how and what they wanted to achieve and didn’t accept “NO” as an answer.

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Starting a New Business

starting-a-new-businessMany people have a great concept for a new business but then don’t know what the next step is, don’t know who to ask for advice, and give up before they have even started.

The first step is easy. You need to decide on the business type, whether that is sole trader, partnership (if there is more than one owner of the business), company (being able to sell shares in the company later) or trust (for asset protection). It’s best to obtain some advice from your accountant or financial adviser about which option is best suited to your needs, because this is in no way a “join the dots” exercise.

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The Race to the Bottom

Seth Godin is regarded as a brilliant business strategist and adviser, and also as a very clever business forecaster. In this “essential viewing” video, Godin points out some coming pitfalls that every business needs to be very aware of, as well as some important ways to inoculate your business against technological and other disruptive threats.

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How Valuable Is Your Bookkeeping?

value-of-bookkeepingMany business owners don’t see the value of bookkeeping and see it as a necessary evil that needs to be done once a quarter to calculate their GST and BAS obligations. Some detest it so much that they leave it for as long as possible then become stressed about it.

Most business owners think that they can’t afford to engage a bookkeeper because they are too costly and the business owner or their partner can do it.

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It’s THAT Time of Year Again!

tax-timeIt’s that time of year again when everyone visits their accountant or bookkeeper and has THAT conversation – you know the one – how much tax they have to pay. The question that goes through almost every small business owner’s mind at that point in time is “How am I going to pay this?” or “Really I made that much? Surely it can not be right! I don’t have that money in my account…” and then the other little voice starts – “are you sure this is all worth it?

Should you not give it up and go work for someone else – you know it will be easier…”

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Planning and Forecasting

destinyWishing and hoping are one thing, and knowing that you have planned and scheduled with skill and certainty are another matter altogether!

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Our Mission

To ensure the sustainability and success of small business by providing much more than just a bookkeeping/accountancy service.

With a focus on supporting strong business development on a foundation of sound financial management, we present ourselves as a powerful resource for any business who chooses us as their provider.